BREAKING: FBI Agent Peter Strzok fired and what it means

On Monday, the FBI had announced that they have terminated schmuck FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was one of the leading investigators in the Russian election interference probe and the Clinton probe. According to the Washington Post, FBI deputy director David L. Bowdich, ordered the firing on Friday. The termination comes after it came out that Peter Strzok sent anti-Trump texts to his lover Lisa Page which indicated that the had a political bias against him. Now, there is no proof his bias had an effect on the Hillary investigation, but we don’t know whether or not it effected the Russian investigation. Because of this, the FBI decided to fire him which was a good move and should have been done long ago.

Of course there have multiple reactions from the right and left. The right has been celebrating this, which I think is warranted because of what Peter Strzok had done while at the FBI. The left has of course been freaking out over it ignoring what possible damage Strzok had done and suggesting that Trump was secretly behind this because he’s in bed with the Russians or such nonsense. Reality is that Peter Strzok was a schmuck who possibly could have skewed both investigations in favor of Hillary and against Trump. Again, we still don’t know everything right now, but I’m positive that we will know soon.

Now, what does this mean for the Trump and the investigation? Well, as of right now, being that we don’t know everything yet, the Mueller investigation has not been fully affected by this whole mess. I know some on the right will be advocating that an end to it, I want it to end to, but I think it needs to end the right way not prematurely. For Trump, I think this gives him more ammo in regards to his theory that the entire investigation is a sham and that it is all a witch hunt. I don’t buy into the whole “witch hunt” thing right now, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t think these reports add credibility to his case.


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