Peter Strzok Hearing: My thoughts

On Thursday, former FBI agent Peter Strzok was set to testify before congress, after an IG report was released on Thursday June 14th that involved the Hillary Clinton investigation. As we all know by now, the IG report showed some damaging revelations that involved Strzok and his lover Lisa Page. On the report, several text messages were revealed that showed some potential bias on part of Peter Strzok that could have potentially affected not only the Hillary investigation but also the Russian investigation. As of now, there’s not much evidence to suggest that the decisions for the investigations were biased, but there is still an investigation looking deeper into that. So, to shed some light on this whole thing, Peter Strzok is brought up before Congress to testify. What could have been simple hearing turned into a smuggish show boating on all sides. I’m gonna break it down into 5 parts to explain.

1. Peter Strzok is a schmuck.

Throughout the entire hearing, all you got from him was this snotty self- aggrandizing attitude. Whenever he was “answering questions” he would give a very smug look to whoever he was “answering”. He also had this attitude like “how dare you question the integrity of the FBI”? It was almost like it was a complete inconvenience for him to be there, although if he hadn’t sent those text messages, none of this would be happening. All this did was that it made him look like a dolt.

2. Strzok had a habit of jumping around questions and answering questions that were never asked.

Throughout the hearing, whenever questions were asked to him, would try his best to jump around them. For example, when chairman Trey Gowdy asked him “Were there interviews conducted between July 31st and August 8th of 2016?” Instead of directly answering it, he goes off about the content and who was there which he was not asked. He then was asked how many he conducted, and Strzok did his best to avoid answering. Finally 2 hours later, he stated that he doesn’t recall how many. He later was asked some questions about the text messages, and of jumps around them and then states he doesn’t recall sending them. Overall, this made him look very foolish and he in no way helped his case.

3. Democrats did there best to protect him

Throughout the hearing, whenever Strzok was asked questions there were a few Democrats encouraging him not to answer them or tried to interrupt Gowdy, which doesn’t look good on them. So, they claim that the FBI did nothing wrong and that they are squeaky clean. If this is the case, then why did they have a problem with certain questions being asked. All this was doing was making Democrats seem like they have something to hide.

4. Show boating from Republicans.

There several Republicans were basically trying to put on a show. A few of the questions that were asked to Strzok were kind of irrelevant. For example, one of them asked about his affair with Lisa Page, specifically asking how his wife felt . I’m sorry, but what does this have to do with anything. Ultimately this made Republicans look like hypocrites presumably because they were grilling Strzok about his affair but were fine with Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels.

5. Trey Gowdy is the Goat.

This guy was awesome. Seriously, he was the best part of this whole thing. He wasn’t afraid to ask tough questions and took absolutely no BS from Strzok. For example, Strzok said that he didn’t appreciate something that was said, and Gowdy came back and basically said “I don’t give a damn what you appreciate.” Of course the left has turned it around making Gowdy look like the bad guy and Strzok like an innocent angel who has done nothing wrong. Bottom line is, even with the constant interruption from Democrats, Gowdy managed to hold it together pretty much the whole time.

Now did this hearing bring in any new revelations? No, it didn’t, which is what I expected. Ultimately, all sides had their issues today. Strzok didn’t help his case or the FBI’s case with his behavior. Some Republicans and some Democrats made themselves look like complete fools here and it doesn’t help this country. Hopefully we’ll soon get some actual light shined on this whole thing and finally get to the bottom of what exactly happened 2 years ago.

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