SCOTUS rules in Republican’s favor, and The Left goes absolutely insane


Holy freaking crap guys. The tears y’all, the tears. This past week has been one of the most interesting and disastrous moments for the left regarding SCOTUS. So if you have been following politics for at least the past decade or so, you would know that the left adores the Supreme Court, and why wouldn’t they? For years, the left has used the Supreme Court as a tool to wield against the right. From Roe v Wade, to the gay marriage rulings, the left has successfully pushed in their agenda that they couldn’t get through Congress or the President. The left figured that even with Republicans in Congress and the presidency, they would still have the Supreme Court. But then, all the hopes and dreams of the left were suddenly shattered and washed by this past week’s SCOTUS rulings. I’m gonna go through all of the rulings and then give you the left’s reactions, because it has just been glorious.

One of them was that the supreme court ruled that California forcing pro-life clinics to post where people can get abortions was a violation of the first amendment. The total vote count 5-4, and the fact that it was that close is a little troubling. This of course was a major victory for conservatives and it doesn’t stop there. The supreme court also ruled to uphold President Trump’s travel ban. The travel ban includes countries such as, Syria, Libya, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, North Korea, and Venezuela. This is a major victory for Trump in regards to foreign policy. SCOTUS also ruled in favor of a Christian florist who didn’t want to participate in a same sex wedding because it violated her beliefs. One of the last big rulings for this week involved public sector unions. The Supreme court ruled that it was unconstitutional for non-union workers to forced to pay fees to unions. I don’t know why it was like that in the first place, but at least it’s not in place anymore. It’s obvious that these rulings have been great for conservatives, but for the left, it has been nothing but disaster.

The SCOTUS rulings has caused the left to go from crazy to supremely insane, and with each case, they got worse and worse. After the Supreme court ruled in favor of pro life clinics in California, they went nuts. How dare clinics not be forced to advertise abortions. They were claiming that this violated women’s rights, which is really asinine, since it did nothing to restrict abortions. I guess to them, all pregnancy centers must be forced by the government to advocate for the murder of babies. With the travel ban, the left was up in arms claiming it to be a Muslim ban which is not true. 2 of the 7 countries are not even Muslim majority nations. In fact, all of the countries on the list all have some of most oppressive governments in the world. Doesn’t matter, the left continues to virtue signal, claiming that it violates their 1st amendment rights, even though the constitution doesn’t apply to non-citizens outside of the United States. In the Florida florist ruling, they were claiming that the owner violated discrimination laws, which is not true. What’s hilarious is that, earlier this week, Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant because she worked for Trump, and they were totally fine with it. Which is it guys? Do businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone they want or not? The icing on the cake came in courtesy of the public sector unions ruling. The left believes that, even if you are not a union member, you must be forced to pay fees to them. This is a really stupid take, and just reveals how radical they are. They are saying that if people stop paying fees to unions, then the unions will all fall apart. Now would it be terrible if that happened? Um, no. Public Sector unions are complete garbage and a complete waste of money.

Now, you would think that this would be all of the loss they suffered this week. I mean, they had 4 rulings against their favor this week, so you assume that they suffered enough. But then, in one massive final blow to the democratic party, swing voter Justice Anthony Kennedy, retires from the Supreme Court. In just in a blink of an eye, whatever sanity was left in the mind of leftists, was completely squashed and nuked from above. After the announcement of Kennedy’s retirement, they couldn’t control themselves anymore, they went absolutely insane. All of their hopes for a progressive government, gone in a flash. Now, this proposes a significant opportunity for President Trump to nominate another conservative supreme court justice. I won’t list the names, but to put it simply, there are some dicey people, and there are some good people. I hope and pray that the President doesn’t screw this opportunity up. Now, what’s hilarious is that Democrats are saying Trump needs to wait until the midterm elections to nominate due to a rule hilariously and ironically placed by Joe Biden. The problem is that this ruling only applies to presidential elections. So, Democrats say they are going to filibuster any vote for a justice. There is only one hilariously ironic problem with this. The filibuster no longer applies to Supreme court justice nominees. This ruling was placed by none other than the Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid back in 2013. Reid was getting tired of Republicans voting against Obama’s nominees using the filibuster so he took it away, and it dramatically backfired and it’s great. So, now the left is pushing for a ruling that since President Trump is under investigation, he shouldn’t be allowed to nominate supreme court justices, which isn’t even remotely constitutional, but it doesn’t matter because that ruling will never pass in a Republican majority Congress.

So yeah, not a very good week for Democrats at all, and it’s not going to get any better. Instead of trying to find a to fix this problem and give hope to their base, they move further to the radical left. People including Maxine Waters have called for the harrassment for any Republican who works for the Trump administration. After the shooting in Maryland this past Thursday, the left immediately started blaming Trump saying that he sent out the shooter to kill those journalists before the facts even came out. All this is doing is only driving people into Trump’s arms and inspiring them to vote Republican in November. In fact, last night, I saw several people on Twitter who were leftists say that were going to be voting a Republican ballot in November because of how far left Democrats have moved. In other words, the great blue wave will turn out to be just a tiny blue drop, which will be entertaining to watch.

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