Breaking: Shooting at Annapolis, Maryland

On Thursday, a tragic shooting occurred at the Gazette Newspaper offices in Annapolis, Maryland. Earlier this afternoon at around 2:40 pm, the shooter entered the offices and began to open fire onto the workers. Police are still investigating the building for any devices or clues to help them in the investigation.

What we know:

– 5 people are confirmed dead and several others injured and are currently at the local hospital

– The shooter is currently in custody and is reportedly refusing to cooperate

– The shooter reportedly used a shotgun

– A motive has yet to be determined

My prayers with the victims and their families affected by this shooting. It’s just once again such a senseless act of violence that no one should have to go though.

Quick note to both sides of the political spectrum, because I’m already seeing people speculating the motives before all the facts are out. Be patient guys, wait for the facts, and then judge. This whole jumping to conclusions mess needs to stop because it’s only dividing us more and more.


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