Does The Left actually want change or do they want to virtue signal all day?

So, the fall out from the separation policy for illegal immigrants continues today, with the usual aggravation and annoyance that is coming from the left. Seriously, we are about a week into this whole mess and the left still continues to claim that this is all Trump’s fault and that he hates children or such nonsense. You are hearing nothing but lies from the media saying that Trump was the one who implemented this policy and that he is the one who can fix it, this is asinine. The ruling for the separation policy was implemented by the 9th circuit court of appeals in 2016 as an extension to the flores agreement of 1997 under President Clinton. From 2014-2015, President Obama, the great hero of the left, enforced the separation policy as a deterrent for illegal immigration, and they got sued for it. Of course the media has ignored those facts and continues to spread lies in order to make Trump look. So, with all of this chaos, you gotta ask yourself, does the left actually want to change this policy, in order to end the separation of families? No, I do not think they do and let me explain why.

Ok, you would think that after all the pandering and virtue signaling and calling conservatives Nazis, that Democrats would try to change it, you would be wrong. Over the past couple of days, Republicans in congress have presented two different legislations that would have ended this situation, and when presented, Democrats rejected both. What was their excuse for it? Well, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer stated that the reason for this is that Trump started this whole thing and he is the only one who can end it. He basically said he wanted to keep his focus on Trump and pressure him to do it. There’s only one problem, as I stated this was a 9th circuit court of appeals ruling meaning that President Trump does not have the power to do this under the constitution. So yesterday, President Trump decided to go ahead and create an executive order ending the policy, which is kinda dumb on his part. Now here is where things get supremely stupid. You would think that Democrats would be supporting this since it is what they wanted, you would once again be wrong. Yes, after the announcement of the executive order, the left still is up in arms about the whole claiming that this isn’t enough and that children shouldn’t be in jail. So, they get mad when you separate them and they get mad when you keep them together, what is this logic. All this proves of course is they don’t change, they instead want to use this as a political tool to use against conservatives in the mid term elections. Which is no surprise.

The left has this tendency that when something happens that is related to a particular agenda, they want to use it as a club against their opponents, but they never come up with ways to solve the issue. We see this with gun control, and illegal immigration. The left thinks that by doing this, they are making themselves look more favorable, in reality that’s not the case. In fact, it makes look extremely foolish because they refuse to actually get anything done. From 2009 to 2011 Democrats had full control of Congress and the Presidency and they didn’t pass one single gun control or illegal immigration legislation, they just used it as a political prop. In reality here is what they want, they want an complete open border that will let anyone who to come in, no questions asked. In their fantasy land they think this is a wonderful idea and that it needs to happen, but in reality, this is would be a horrible decision. Each country has an responsibility to protect their borders and vett anyone trying to enter. We can not sacrifice security for political correctness, we just can’t.

Bottom line, the left will continue to virtue signal and ultimately nothing gets done and the situation down there gets worse. Republicans will try to solve it and Democrats will continue to reject it. If the left thinks doing this is going to give them victory in the mid term elections, they are sorely mistaken. This will guarantee a Republican victory in the election, but if Democrats still think that it will work, they are more than welcomed to try it, lets see what happens guys, try it.

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