The Left lies about illegal immigration policy and what could be done to fix it.

You know, I honestly don’t use the term Fake news very much. I think that term is over used and sometimes misused by conservatives who describe news they don’t agree with. However, for the past 72 hours and heck since memorial day, I have seen nothing but fake news coming from the media. So, a day or two before memorial day weekend news broke out about a particular immigration policy. What this was is that when a family crosses the border illegally, the law requires for ICE to remove the children from the custody of the parents and kept in custody for 21 days. I’ll to my thoughts on the policy later, but the left has gone nuts over this. Over the past few days, they have viciously attacked members of the Trump administration and blaming Trump himself for this law. There is only one problem with this, and let me explain what that is.

The left has been claiming that Trump has been the one separating these families. He is the one ripping them apart and sending them to concentration camps. He implemented this policy. HE HATES CHILDREN! This is all a complete and total lie. Trump does not hate children, and he has not been ripping families apart. In fact, this is not even his policy. This policy for the separation of children from their parents was a ruling done by the 9th circuit court of appeals in 2016. The law has been on the books for years. In fact, this policy was passed under President Clinton in 1996. Yes, the most left leaning politicians in the nation implemented this policy, and is now being strictly enforced. From 2014 – 2015 this policy was being enforced by…… wait, who was president then? Oh right, it was President Barack Obama, the hero of the left. Bottom line is, the left has been doing nothing but lying this whole weekend and it’s really frustrating, and the way the left has been treating conservatives has just been astonishing.

It is quite convenient that the media has been flocking towards this issue like seagulls flocking towards a picnic. I mean, thanks to President Trump, the economy has been doing beautifully. One week ago, Trump had an historic meeting with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. Also, the Russia investigation seems to be falling apart. Anyways, the left has just been nasty these past few days. They are essentially claiming that we don’t care about children and that we are just like the Nazis during the holocaust. On Fathers Day, the left was attacking any conservative who was posting about celebrating the day claiming that we can’t do that because of the situation at the border. If you recall back on memorial day weekend. Ivanka Trump posted a photo of herself with her child and the left went nuts. They were saying that she is a horrible human being because she posted a picture of herself with her child, while the situation at the border was happening . It is just so freaking stupid and they are only making themselves look foolish. I mean honestly guys, keep this up, if you want to see Trump reelected, keep doing this I dare y’all.

Now here is my thoughts on the policy. I personally don’t like it, in fact I think it’s horrible. Nothing traumatizes a child more than being separated from their parents. Now that doesn’t mean that I support open border, I don’t, but this situation is still pretty awful. With that being said, the President still has the responsibility to enforce laws, whether he likes it or not. So, if they don’t like this policy, Congress can pass legislation to change it and I think they should. In fact, according Ben Shapiro at the daily wire, Paul Ryan is planning on pushing to pass it, and I hope he does.

Look, nobody likes seeing this, nobody, and I think we should work together to come up with ways to secure the border and help families seeking asylum here. However, we can’t do this with everyone going at each other’s throats all the time, it just won’t work. Leftist, please stop calling us hateful nazis who don’t care about children because we disagree with you on policy. Conservatives, you can still support secure borders while denouncing this policy, it can work. In the end, I hope that this all works, but I do have a feeling that if it does, the left will find something else to go crazy over, and then we’re back to square one.

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