The Left’s treatment of Israel

For years, we have seen time and time again, the staggering hatred the left has for the nation of Israel. Over the past decade or so, as the left has moved further to the radical left, their hatred for Israel has grown tremendously. As we have seen, they will go as far as to defend the Hamas terrorist group over Israel, and claim that Israel is the main aggressor of the region, which is false. Now, the left claims they are all about tolerance and acceptance, but why is it that they hate the only good democracy of the middle east so much? I think there are two big reasons why and let me explain both of them.

When it comes to religion, the left claims that they are accepting of all forms of faith, that is except for Christianity and Judaism. The left has this weird disdain for anyone who is a religious Jew or Christian. I think the reason for this is due to the fact that both Christians and Jews share the same core beliefs and those happen to be the same core beliefs that the left hates. So, when there is a Jewish/Christian state in the middle east, even though they don’t discriminate against other religions, people the left lose their minds and they believe that this nation must be torn down quickly. This is why they are defending places like Iran or Hamas, because they want to see Israel destroyed. Now, the second reason kind of relates to the first a little, and let me explain why.

Everyone who studied a little bit of American history knows that it founded on a certain set of principles. These principles come from the John Lock enlightenment ideas. These ideas rooted from the core values of Judaism/Christianity. As I said before, the left has a bizarre hatred for these principles, which is why they have a disdain for America and Israel. The left believes that a nation should makes its decisions based on group identity rather than individualism, and they believe that the government should basically have control over everyone’s lives because they don’t believe in individual freedom. So, when it comes to places like America and Israel, they believe that the system that both nations run on, need to be destroyed. This why the left loves the insufferable United Nations. The UN started as a group of nations such as America, Britain, France, etc that shared the same basic principles. Over the years though, these nations have fallen victim of left wing propaganda, even England, which is the home of the enlightenment. This is why the UN is very anti-israel and why the U.S should get out of it.

This is why conservatives need to keep the core values that we all share. Sadly, I have seen several on the right put aside those values and fall victim to the disastrous Tribalism. If we continue this, soon America will fall into the trap that other nations have fallen into, and at that point, Israel will lose its strongest ally. This why conservatives in America are fighting to protect Israel before it is too late.

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