The Double Standard of the Media

Last Tuesday, things got a little crazy, meaning the internet exploded. Literally, someone stuck a bomb at the core of the internet and it blew up into millions of tiny pieces. So, I think most of everyone knows who Roseanne Barr is right? Good, so early on Tuesday morning Roseanne sent out this tweet to Valerie Jarrett, and here’s what it said:

muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj – @therealroseanne

So, when she posted this, everyone went nuts, and rightfully so. This tweet was really egregious and racist. So, ABC responds by cancelling the show, which is a blow to them since the show was a major money maker for them. Now, just as Roseanne had the right to say this, ABC has a right to fire anyone that hurts their product, and I think this decision in particular was justified. Now, here is where it becomes an issue. The media has a huge double standard when it comes to things like this, and let me explain what I mean.

The leftist media has this tendency that, whenever a conservative lands in hot water for anything, they cover it as some horrific egregious crime, and that they need to be destroyed and outcasted from society. However, whenever someone on the left lands in hot water, the media is either silent or they try to minimize it. For example, let’s look at Samantha Bee. Over memorial day weekend, Ivanka Trump posted a picture of herself with her child on Twitter, and the left just went nuts for whatever reason. So, late last week, Samantha Bee decided to talk about this and then she went on to call Ivanka a c**t. Yeah, very classy their Bee. So, the right rightfully got ticked off, and of course the media hardly said a word about it. Look, I don’t think she will be fired because this is something normal from her and tbs knows it. However, let’s not pretend that if she was a conservative and said that about Chelsea, she wouldn’t have recieved massive backlash from the media, because she would’ve. Everyone knows perfectly well that the leftist media would have lost their minds over this, but since she’s a leftist, it’s perfectly fine. This isn’t the only example of this.

Over the past month or so, NBC’s Joy Reid has landed herself in some controversy. Some old posts and blogs came out that shows that she said some racist comments, anti-Semitic remarks and so called homophobic comments, although I don’t think they were. So, you would think the media would ballistic over the comments, but unsurprisingly, they really didn’t. There was a little backlash from them, but not a lot. Now, if she was a conservative, you very well know that she would have been fired and outcasted from society for the evils she did, but she’s a leftist so it’s perfectly fine. Some other quick examples would be that when a Christian baker for a gay wedding, the left goes insane and tries to throw them out of business using the government. Whenever a university hosts a “no white people day” this is perfectly fine with the left and if you say other wise, you’re a racist. Whether people see it or not, the double standard is there.

Now listen, I know rightwing media can be guilty of this as well. For example, people criticize Bill Clinton for his treatment of women, and rightfully so, but remember, Donald Trump is not a saint when it comes to women either. We’re literally in a scandal right now where Trump back in 2006 had an affair with a porn star named Stormy Daniels and now has him under investigation for covering it up, although I don’t think it will go anywhere. My point is that, I’m looking for consistency when it comes to this stuff. We can’t keep having the media showing this massive double standard and we be ok with it. We don’t need to sink to level of the left for this, but we do need to start holding them accountable.

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