Russia Collusion Investigation: Ridiculous claims and conspiracies

As we all know, the past year and a half has been absolutely filled with stupidity and nonsense. While President Trump has been doing awsome on policy lately, the media has been focused on the Russian investigation. The Mueller investigation has been going on for over a year already, and the actual Russia investigation is almost 2 years in. What I’m trying to say is that I think a lot of people are ready to get done and over with, and I don’t blame them. In the past couple of weeks, both sides have been utterly asinine with it, with the left calling every little story a bombshell, and with the right calling this a big conspiracy by the FBI. I’m going to give my thoughts on both situations and talk about what should happen next.

Let’s start with the left, because they have been the worse at this whole thing. The big reason, or I should say excuse, the left uses for why Hillary lost the election is because Trump and his team colluded with the Russian government to influence the election results. This is big a deal, but there is problem, there has been no evidence to suggest this actually happened. The only thing they got was the fact that Donald Trump Jr was meeting with a Russian lawyer in willingness to collude by getting dirt on Hillary, but none of it ever materialized. So, in other words, they have nothing on Trump. Their constant pandering to this story is only going to make Trump look more and more favorable. Not only that, several democrats have promised that if they win the house and Senate, they would vote to impeach him. Yeah, good luck with that, if they want to see Trump reelected, they need to do this, go ahead guys, try it. I really wonder how they would react if it turns out that Mueller has got nothing. While the left is busy being them, the right has come up with conspiracies for this investigation, although it’s a little more complicated than that, and let me explain.

The popular theory that the right uses is that the Obama administration worked with the FBI to undermine Trump’s campaign. April last year, Trump had suggested that Obama actually spied on him and his team, this isn’t entirely false. In the past couple of weeks, there have been reports that the FBI used an informant to watch the Trump campaign for suspicious activity. The right took as this was some big deep conspiracy to take down Trump. I do not see the evidence to support this. If the FBI and democrats were conspiring to undermine his campaign, why wasn’t all the Russia stuff released during the election cycle, the evidence just doesn’t wash. Remember, the investigation started with the stuff with George Papadopoulos and the Trump tower meeting with Donald Trump Jr. Also, we still haven’t completely disproven the FISA memo. We just got to remember that we don’t know everything guys.

One thing Trump can do is that he can declassify all the underlying documents with this whole thing today, he can do it right now. To add a quick note, Trump ordered an investigation into the DOJ and FBI to find out what happened and that’s perfectly fine, it’s within his power. Despite what the left has said, it is not obstruction of justice to do this, he’s not stopping the Mueller investigation, this is a separate one. Just to let y’all know my personal beliefs, I highly doubt that Mueller will find anything, I would be very surprised if he does. However, once again, we don’t know everything yet, so until then, all we can do is just wait.

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