President Trump successfully moves the Israel U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

On Monday, the United States embassy of Israel opens in Jerusalem after President Trump made the call back in December to move it to their capital. The move received support not only from conservatives, but also from many people from Israel and the prime minister, and rightfully so. As I said back in December, Trump made the absolute correct call here, and it should have been moved a long time ago. For those who don’t know, this move was passed by Clinton but he never enforced it. Then Bush promised that he would do it but never did, and Obama promised he would do it but never did. Trump promised that he would do it and he actually did, so good job for the President. Unsurprisingly, the left has completely lost their minds over this, claiming that Trump is the reason for the conflict in the region, which is completely false and I’ll explain why.

First let’s talk about the history of Jerusalem and the Jewish sovereignty over it. The Jews have had reign over the land of Israel, including Jerusalem, for thousands of years. God chose the Jewish people and gave them this very land. Anybody who knows anything about this history knows how important this land is to them. Even to me, and many other Christians, this land is important. Jesus was born in Israel, he walked the streets of Jerusalem, He taught there, performed miracles, and was crucified on the cross in that city. This is why both Jews and Christians stand together on the issue of this city. On top of that, Israel is the most free nation in the middle east. They don’t oppress their people, they don’t discriminate based on religious beliefs, etc. This is precisely why Americans love Israel and support them. The left’s reaction to all of this has been astonishing and it shows a level of anti-semitism they carry.

During today’s ceremony at the embassy, the Hamas were essentially trying to invade the border at the Gaza strip. They were throwing Molotov cocktails, rocks, explosive devices, rolling burning tires to try and set Israel on fire. So, the Israeli soldiers did what any sovereign nation would do, they defended their borders. The media of course, has been spinning it making it seem like Israel was at fault. The headlines were just egregious today, for example here is a headline from the New York Times: Israel kills dozens at Gaza border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem. This headline is very misleading, and completely ignores the fact that the people storming the border were sent by terrorists. The left for some reason is also blaming President Trump for this, which makes no sense. The Hamas and Israel have been going at each other for years, way before Trump. So, this idea that Trump is the reason violence in the region is just asinine.

Like I said, President Trump made the correct call here, he basically made history. At the beginning of his presidency, I feared he wasn’t going to be as pro Israel as he said he was, but I was wrong and I’m glad I was. I think is this past week has been one of the best weeks Trump has had in his presidency. It’s times like this, that I have no regrets voting for him in the general election. I just hope his policy streak continues like this.

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