President Trump withdraws the Iran deal and The Left panics

On Tuesday, President Trump announced to the nation that he will be withdrawing the US from the disastrous Iran deal. As Trump promised in his campaign, he ripped up the deal, that was placed by the Obama administration, and is set to replace sanctions on them. This was an excellent move made by President Trump, this was a horrible deal from the start and Obama should have never put it in place. The left has gone completely off the rails over this, calling this the start of World War 3, or such nonsense like that. Not only was the Iran deal pure crap, it was passed unconstitutionally and let me explain what I mean.

In the US constitution, it states that in order for any kind of treaty to be passed, it needs 2/3 of Senate approval. When former President Obama tried to pass this deal, he didn’t get enough votes, so instead he passed it by executive order, which is is an over step of executive power. The left is claiming that the deal is settled law, and that President Trump is violating the constitution by ripping up the deal, which is completely false. The Iran deal was not an official treaty and it was well in President Trump’s power to rip up the deal. The deal overall was crap. The lie that was pushed by the Obama administration was that Iran was becoming moderate and that passing the would be the best option. This is a lie, Iran was not becoming more moderate, in fact the funding given to them by us was used to build up their military 40%. While they did that, their economy was tanking. According to the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and intelligence gathered by Israel, Iran has been secretly building their nuclear program, so basically they lied to everyone. What is so astonishing about this, is that how the left has reacted to this whole thing.

As I mentioned before, the left has gone completely off the rails with this thing. One of the common things I’m hearing from them is how pulling out of the deal, will bring an end to the world, world war 3 will break out, and life as we know it will never be the same. We are seeing this from several former members of the Obama administration, including Obama himself. This of course is completely overblown, no WW3 will not break out, no the world is not about to end, y’all are just making yourselves look foolish. What’s even more insane, is that members of the media have come out in defense of Iran, yes, they defending a nation that opresses it’s people every day and have nothing but hate for America. Iran has always hated America, always.

In reality, Trump made the correct call here for this, it should have never been done in the first place. President Trump has had himself a really good week in terms of policy. Not only did he rip the Iran deal, he also freed three American hostages from North Korea and eliminated 5 ISIS leaders. I am very impressed with him and I hope it sticks, although it likely won’t, but hey, I can dream can I.

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