Why the cultural appropriation debacle is nonsense

In case you might have missed it, last Friday, people on twitter had an absolute meltdown over a tweet. What was this awful tweet you ask? Well, there was a white teen girl named Keziah Daum, who posted Prom pictures of herself and friends wearing a Chinese style dress. This is doesn’t seem like big deal and maybe she bought it because she liked and she does look pretty in it. Just as she ready to enjoy her time at prom, some guy named Jeremy Lam decided to go after about it. Here is what he said:

My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress – @jere_bare

Ok, this was completely unnecessary, and she was not mocking the Chinese culture in any way, she said that herself. Shortly after, the left started to viciously attack this girl, calling her a racist, accusing her of cultural appropriation, you know, the usual leftists tactics. The funny part about this is that Chinese people were not offended by her wearing that dress, in fact they were happy that she was embracing their culture. The people flipping out over this, were mostly white leftists, which should tell you something. The left’s outrage over this little thing was just asinine. Another thing to note is that she has refused to apologize for this and good for her, she has no reason to.

The left’s constant cling to cultural appropriation or anything that involves race is just absolutely stupid. This isn’t the only incident. During Halloween, the left was screaming cultural appropriation and racism because little white girls wanted to dress up as Moana for that day. This makes absolutely no sense, Moana was relatively new at the time and maybe they all liked her and wanted dress up as her, which is not uncommon. Today actually, the left going around telling people that celebrating Cinco de Mayo is racist, even though Mexicans themselves don’t celebrate the day. The bottom line is, the left has a very bizarre way of defining cultural appropriation, and let me explain why.

The left likes say that they are the party of inclusiveness and believe that an unlimited amount of people, legal or illegal, should be allowed here because America should be a country of multiple cultures. Ok sure, but we do need to set limitations. While the left says they are the party of inclusiveness, they throw a fit anytime when someone, particularly a white conservative, wants to embrace a different culture. Here’s the left’s logic, your racist if you don’t want to live in a different culture, but you are also racist if you embrace a different culture, we just can’t win with them. To be honest, I think the left cares less about actual racism and more about their agenda. Far too many times do we see the lefleft make claims of racism where there isn’t any and I think it has to do with the fact that they want the government to run our lives and they will bully those who don’t agree with that notion.

My point is this, even though left makes cultural “appropriation” out to be a bad thing, it really isn’t. Sure, there are people who mock other cultures, and that’s a bad thing. However, the majority of people in these situations have nothing but respect for the culture they are representing, and most of the time, people in those cultures are fine with other people taking part in them. The left is just only going to make themselves look more and more foolish by continuing down this road. They have moved so far to the left that more moderate democrats are being labeled far right/ alt-right, and it’s going to be their downfall.

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