Starbucks Controversy: My thoughts

I know I’m a little late with this, but better late than never right? Anyways, a little more than a week ago, there was a huge controversy that broiled up over the coffee house chain, Starbucks. The situation took place in Philadelphia, when a Starbucks manager called the police on 2 black men who refused to leave after refusing to buy something. This situation sparked a large outrage and people accusing Starbucks of racism. The media has been all over this story to specifically push their agenda. The problem with this is that the term racism has been repeatedly used by the left in situations where there wasn’t any, which is major problem. So, I’m going to go through the story and see if there’s any actual racism in it. Spoiler alert, there isn’t any.

Here’s what happened: The two men walked into the Starbucks in Philadelphia and asked to use the bathroom without buying anything. For those who don’t know, Starbucks has a no loitering policy meaning you can’t use their bathroom or hangout without buying anything. So, after being told they can’t use the bathroom without buying anything first they just sit down. The manager asked them politely to leave because they are taking up space for buying customers, and they repeatedly refused. Then the manager calls the police saying that “there are two men here who refuse to leave”. The police arrive, and they asked the two men to leave several times and they again refused. For that reason, they arrested for trespassing. I do not see how this has to do with racism in the first place, I just don’t. It doesn’t matter of course, the left continued to blow this whole thing way out of proportion.

For some odd bizarre reason, the left accused not only this Starbucks, but the entire corporation of Starbucks of racism. This makes absolutely no sense, you’re telling me every single employee of every single store throughout the entire country are racists. It gets even more dumb. The CEO of Starbucks announced that he is closing many stores throughout the country to train employees on “sensitivity”. This just goes to show that the left are the actual bullies not the victims.

Ultimately, the left’s main goal here is to paint America as deeply racist country and that we can’t get rid of it, it’s embedded in our DNA somehow. So, whenever someone says otherwise, the left will brutally bully that person into submission or suffer the consequences. This is a tactic that the left has used for years and I think people are starting to become wise to it. That’s why when someone like Kanye West goes against the left, they go absolutely insane. I think in the near future, the left’s constant use of identity politics and bully tactics will ultimately be their downfall.

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