Shooting at Tennessee Waffle House

On Sunday, another tragic shooting had occurred, this time at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. According to NBC, at around 3:30 am Sunday morning, the shooter walked into the restaurant with an AR 15, and began to open fire. The shooter managed to kill 4 people, before being thwarted by a brave young hero named James Shaw Jr. Not long after the shooting started, James confronted the shooter by grabbing the barrel of the rifle and wrestled it away from him. James received burns on his hands from the barrel and got grazed by a bullet. In an interview he says he only did it to save himself not for others, even so he’s still a hero because he prevented more fatalities. The shooter was on the run for about a day and was caught Monday afternoon.

The first question that comes to our minds is, who was this guy and how did he get the guns? Well, here is what we know about him. This guy had some mental health problems going on with him. Last year he had breached the white house fense to “set up a meeting with the President”, and he was arrested. The Illinois law enforcement confiscated all of firearms being that he was threat. However, instead of impounding the firearms, the law enforcement decided to give them to his father to keep it locked up, so yeah another screw up by law enforcement. A year later or so, the father stupidly decided to give the firearms back to his son, even though he was still experiencing mental problems. So, he got his guns back and we know what happened next. First of all, the police should have never given the firearms to the father, they should have just impounded it. Second, why in the world would he give these guns back to his mentally ill son, that makes zero sense. The father needs to face criminal charges as well.

As usual, the left has gone off the rails with this whole thing. They have made some of the stupidest arguments for gun control I have ever heard. One the arguments the left has made is regarding James Shaw Jr. Some of the parkland students like Emma Gonzalez were using this to argue nobody has to have a gun to protect themselves and this is proof. This is just unbelievably asinine. Yes, some people can physically fend off a shooter, but if, for example James here, had a gun, he would have stopped the shooter dead in his tracks and might have saved more lives. They of course are blaming lack of gun laws, which make no sense seeing how Illinois has strict gun laws and he was legally forbidden from owning and purchasing a firearm. If the father had not stupidly given the guns back to his son, or if law enforcement would have impounded them, then this shooting would not have happened. This is why we wait for all the facts to come out before drawing conclusions to any situation.

I have come to the conclusion that no matter what the facts are, the left will use the situation anyways to push their agenda. We see this with shootings, and even things like the Starbucks situation. My point is that democrats are really digging themselves a whole when they keep jumping to conclusions on every little thing and it will cost them.

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