Can we please wait for all the facts to come out before drawing conclusions?

On Tuesday, a shooting occurred at the YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California. 4 people were injured in the shooting and the shooter killed herself after police arrived. The police ruled that it was not terrorism. One of the most annoying things that happens when a shooting occurs is that people on the left and right don’t wait for any of the facts to come out before drawing their conclusions. The left of course is far worse about this but the right can be just as guilty about it.

When a shooting occurs, the left’s first move is to immediately blame the gun, gun owners, and the NRA. Literally right when the YouTube shooting occurred, the left immediately starts blaming the NRA and saying that the shooter is a right wing white male before any of the facts came out. We found out that the shooter was actually a Iranian female who had left wing beliefs. After the parkland shooting, the left, still to this day, is blaming the NRA and GOP law makers while ignoring the failures of law enforcement. Of course what the left doesn’t want to admit is that they want a full repeal of the 2nd amendment and a blanket ban on firearms. If they want to run on this in the midterm elections, then I dare them to, let’s see what happens.

Although the left is much worse about this, some on the right do this too. When the identity of the shooter at the YouTube HQ was identified, there were conservatives immediately saying that she was part of ISIS or this is another “deep state” conspiracy even though there is zero evidence to support this. As far as we can tell, this woman had some mental health problems and was warned to the police by the father and brother, so yeah law enforcement screwed up here again. After the shooting in Las Vegas, conservatives were pushing a false story that the shooter was a member of ISIS. That was ruled out, although we still don’t know a whole lot about the shooter. My point is that the right has gotten into the habit of playing this game too, and all it will do is split the conservative base even further.

My main point about this is that we can’t have rational discussion about policy if people continue to do this crap. All it does is cause people to become very toxic with each other and divide us even more than we already are. If we truly want to change this, conservatives should continue to lead by example and hopefully everyone else fall into this same routine.


  1. Excellent article. The primary issue regarding publicly disclosing facts, or what should be, facts, is the media and obviously, the mainstream media is propaganda, for whatever their reasons. My guess would be money.
    The left leaning people, run on high strung emotions. Then the left relies on canted facts. The right leaning people are more logic oriented however, there exists the persistent group of conspiracy and other wild story believers.
    Question remains, how much longer will the left push their luck without spurring either a civil war or revolution, and how much longer will the right tolerate a daily rape of the Bill of Rights by courts and politicians before reaching a breaking point? Or is a breaking point, part of a psychological warfare agenda of the mainstream media?

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