The Left’s misconceptions about guns.

It has been about 6 weeks since the tragic shooting in Parkland, Fl, and we are still facing fall out from it. Even though we have seen that law enforcement failed at every level here, the left still insists on blaming guns and the NRA. One of the most annoying parts of this whole debacle is how those on the left, who are usually the loudest about gun control, are very misinformed about firearms. Both the media, the left, and the parkland students you see plastered all over the media, are very ignorant when it comes to guns. So, what im going to do is, list out all of the things the left gets wrong about guns, and then I’ll correct it, and we’ll go from there.

For some odd reason, the left has some weird obsession over the AR 15 specifically. For those who don’t know, the AR 15 is semi automatic rifle that is designed to look like a military rifle, but it’s actually strictly a civilian rifle, that is no different from other civilian semi automatic rifles. The AR shoots .223 caliber rounds, which is much smaller than a hunting rifle round and even a 9mm handgun. So what is the difference between an AR 15 and other semi automatic rifles? The looks of it, that’s literally the only difference. What’s even stranger is that the left continuously goes after the AR 15, but ignore the fact that handguns take up the majority of firearm deaths in the United States, I have yet to see the left go after handguns, well knowingly at least.

One of the other idiotic things they say during the gun debate is this “No one is talking about taking away your guns, we just want common sense gun reform”. Yeah, they say this crap while advocating for almost a full gun ban, and let me explain what I mean. One of the gun control proposals that has been pushed by the left lately is a ban on semi automatic weapons, not semi automatic rifles, semi automatic weapons. For those who don’t know, a semi automatic firearm means when you pull the trigger once one bullet comes out, and another round is chambered. That’s literally all a semi-automatic weapon does. Those on the left pushing for this kind of ban obviously don’t know what semi-automatic means. Another thing they don’t know is that virtually every firearm except for revolvers, bolt action rifles and pump action shotguns, are semi automatic, that’s almost 90% of firearms. This kind of gun ban would be a massive infringement on our 2nd amendment rights, and the left knows this, but they refuse to admit that this is what they ultimately want.

Another thing that the left passes around is the term assault weapon or assault rifle. The term assault rifle does have somewhat of a legal definition, it generally includes automatic firearms, which are virtually banned in the United States. The term assault weapon on the other hand, is a made up term by the left to basically scare people and has no legal definition for it. Probably the most annoying thing in this whole debacle is that some on the left believe the AR in AR 15 stands for Assault rifle, it doesn’t. The AR in AR 15 stands for Armalite, which is the manufacturer of the rifle. The AR 15 is not considered an assault rifle, it’s just a civilian semi automatic rifle. Doesn’t matter, the left will continue to label as such and if they had their way, it will be banned.

Ultimately what the left wants is a full repeal of the 2nd amendment and a blanket ban on firearms. They stupidly think that it would be very simple to repeal the 2nd amendment and that most people will support it. Ok democrats, try it, I dare you, you need 2/3 of Congress and 3/4 of states approval which is about 34 states. Again guys, try it, you’ll be lucky to get to 15, and I highly doubt gun owners will go down without a fight. If democrats make this their running promise in the coming up election, then they will get slaughtered, I can promise you that.

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