Absolute law enforcement failure.

Two weeks ago, a horrific shooting occurred in Parkland, Florida, where a disturbed individual entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and killed 17 students. This of course sparked movements for gun control, and led to the usual discussions and banter with the left blaming the NRA and gun owners for the shooting. The left will go as far as to say we don’t care about the dead students which is completely false. As we have discovered for the past week and a half, not only is the shooter blamed for this shooting, but also the law enforcement of Broward County.

In the past week and a half, we have seen report after report about how this sheriff’s office majorly screwed this up. In my last blog, I mentioned the police were called 39 times to the kid’s house and did nothing. Well, it turns out it is a lot worse than that. According to CNN, the police in Broward County received at least 45 calls between the years 2008 to 2017, 45 calls, freaking insane. It gets worse, months leading up to the shooting, the police were warned about this kid’s social media about how he was threatening to shoot up the school, they did nothing. It was reported that he had made verbal threats to students and even at one point, held a gun to someone’s head, they did nothing. In the 45 calls received, one of them was the actual shooter calling them on himself, they did nothing. He was threatening to kill himself, they did nothing. The FBI was even warned 2 times, and they did nothing. Believe it or not, it gets even worse. On the day of the shooting, sheriff Scott Israel, ordered not 1 but 4 deputies to stand down while children were being slaughtered. On top of that, first responders were told to not go in when they got there, while children were bleeding out. This is absolutely disgusting, absolutely freaking disgusting. The sheriff should be ashamed of himself and needs to resign for the amount of incompetence expressed in this case.

Here is a question for the left. Why exactly should law abiding citizens hand over their firearms to a government that is so incompetent that it missed one of the most preventable mass shootings in U.S. history? What’s even crazier is that the left is still blaming the NRA. Let me say this slow, The. NRA. Was. Not. Involved. In. This. Shooting. Or. In. Any. Other. Shooting. The only people to blame for the shooting is the shooter and the law enforcement.

It’s just absolutely heart breaking that the sheriff can miss this many warnings and not take any real responsibility for it. If he doesn’t choose to do the honorable thing and resign then the governor of Florida needs to fire him. Also, the families of the victims need to file a lawsuit against the sheriff’s office. This is why me and many others don’t want stricter gun laws, because in reality it will do little to stop things like this. My hope is that President Trump will push for the national concealed carry act, and not bow to pressure from democrats.

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