The Left goes insane over guns and solutions to prevent mass shootings

As most of us have already heard, there was a horrible shooting that took place in a high school in Florida. Just for a brief description, a psychopath entered the school with a AR 15 and murdered 17 innocent students. The shooter, who’s name I will not disclose for reasons I’ll explain later, was caught and will possibly get the death penalty. We can all agree that this was absolutely horrific and sad, and my prayers go out to the parents who’s child didn’t come home that day. Flash forward over a week later, the left has taken insanity to a whole new level, and let me explain their claims. They are just asinine.

Over the past few years or so, when a mass shooting takes place, we see both the left and right take sides immediately. The right generally wants to wait for facts to come out and see what was the big contributing factor in this. The left on the other hand goes to their usual position of calling for gun control, before the facts come out which is foolish of them. Then the left goes to this idiotic stance that if I don’t support gun control, I must not care about the dead students, which is not true in the slightest. For some odd reason, no matter what the other factors are, the left says guns are to blame solely for this shooting. The reason why they push this notion is because they want blanket ban on firearms, they can deny it all they want but fundamentally that is what they want. So, let me explain what is to blame for this shooting.

As we see with a lot of these shootings is that these shooters by law should have never had been able purchase these firearms, but somehow did. The left of course blames lack of gun laws, but the actual reason why they were able purchase these guns is because the government screwed up. For this case specifically, this was the fault of county law enforcement and the FBI. Leading up to this shooting, the police were called 39 different times on the shooter, 39 times, and the police did nothing. On top of that, this kid was reported to the FBI 2 times, one of which for a video saying he is gonna be a professional school shooter. What did the FBI do? Nothing, they did nothing about. Because of this, he was able to pass a background check since there was no criminal history in the system, and bought the AR 15. This kind of incompetence is completely unacceptable, and there should be no reason why something like this occurs. The left of course ignores this and they go back to their usual rhetoric. Speaking of their rhetoric, the left has completely gone off the rails with this.

One of the things the media likes to do is to bring out the families of the victims and the survivors, who ,conveniently, believe in more gun control, to play a game of identity politics which is just sick. As I mentioned before, they claim that if I don’t agree with them, I must not care or hate these children. That’s not worse part. The left continually blames the NRA for these shootings, and at times calling them a terrorist organization. Wednesday night, CNN hosted a town hall meeting for the survivors and in which turned into a identity politics rage fest. People there were calling Dana Loesch a murder, their questions were disgusting, and it was basically CNN using these survivors as a tactic to push the Democratic agenda. Now listen, I do believe the left does care about these students and I believe they are saddened by something like this, we all are. However, if you want to prevent more of these, then we all need to wait for facts to come out and then discuss some solutions. There actually a few ways to stop these shootings without infringing on the 2nd amendment, and let me explain them.

One of the solutions I’ve heard people like Ben Shapiro talk about is that the media should stop naming the shooter in these situations. Study shows that mass shooters feed off of attention, and that when the media names these shooters, it increases the chances of copycat shootings. So, for now on, whenever a shooting like this occurs, I will not show the name or a picture of the shooter, and I hope other people follow this routine as well. Another solution is to increase security at schools. I think what needs to happen is that schools should hire vets or trained professionals to guard all exits of the schools and also allow teachers and staff to carry firearms on them. I think there needs to be a lockdown system that will automatically lock out parts of the school without manually doing, sort of like what hospitals have. There should also be metal detectors as well. This seems like the best solution to me and I don’t know why the left is so against this. Another solution is to improve mental health background checks so that we can better flush out those who should not have a firearm. Lastly, the FBI and law enforcement involved in these shootings need to be improved.

The sad reality is that, there really is nothing that will completely stop things like this without mass gun confiscation, which would be a huge mistake. However, I think that if we use the solutions I listed, the chances of mass shootings to occur will drop dramatically. I just wish the left would stop with the nonsense identity politics they play with these situations and if they think it will play in their favor, they are mistaken. The election in November should be very interesting.

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