The Alt-right and its damage to conservatism

As we know, the 2016 presidential election was one of the most crazy and bizarre elections in modern history, at least from what I’ve seen. On one hand we had a very corrupt politician that would be very bad for America, and on the other hand we had a reality tv star, you get my point. However, it wasn’t just the nominees, it was also the 2 groups that arose from this election, the Alt-Right and Antifa. Here, I’m gonna talk about the destructive Alt-Right and its damage it is doing to conservatism. Now what is the alt-right? Well, let me explain.

The Alt-right is a relatively small group of people with very far right views in politics. They often promote things like white identity politics, and anti-Semitism. According to an article by Ben Shapiro on the daily wire, “they often mistake PC for not being a complete ass”. Some Alt-right members seem to believe things like the holocaust never happened, or according to a video by Pragur U. they believe that America belongs only to white Europeans. To put it simple, they are a garbage group with garbage and often racist views, and conservatives should not affiliate with them.

One of the key things about the alt-right is that they are really small, but the problem is that the media hypes more than it should. Sometimes, some media outlets will go as far as to call some conservatives like Ben Shapiro alt-right when they are not which further damages the credibility of media. Some of the left believe that all conservatives are part of the alt-right, which is completely false. Luckily, a lot of conservatives will often denounce them and try not to affiliate themselves with them. The only thing that would make it better is for republicans in power including President Trump, to criticize them.

On the weekend of August 12th, 2017, the alt-right held a rally in Charlottesville, Va. It turned violent when antifa showed up and at one point an alt-righter rammed a car into the antifa crowd killing 1 and injuring 19 others. After the events, President Trump commented on the rally saying both sides are to blame, which is correct, but it was the alt-right that started this and were the ones running people over. I think President Trumps were inappropriate for something like this, and should be considered a low point in Presidency. My point is, that republicans in power need to do a better job of denouncing them, because if they do, it show how different republicans and democrats are meaning the right criticises their extremist while the left generally doesn’t.

In the end, the alt-right really doesn’t have as much of a impact as the media would like to claim. Eventually, they will dispatch as a group. Hopefully that happens pretty soon.


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