Abortion in America: My Pro-Life stance

Today, people in America are constantly being divided by different topics that we disagree with each other on. Some of them are topics that we shouldn’t be divided on, one of them being abortion. Abortion is one of the most talked about and controversial topics in politics, with the right being against it and the left supporting it. This should tell you about the values of the left, they are ok with the murder of babies. Whether you agree with this notion or not it doesn’t matter, the fact is abortion is murder, no way around that. What baffles me is that the left claims the pro life movement is anti women which is completely nonsense and let me explain why.

To start, let me explain why abortion is or should be considered murder. The big debate between pro-life and pro-choice people is when does life for a baby begin. People who are pro choice seem to have different answers, some say it begins at 20 weeks some say when the heart starts working, and some say after it is born. People who are pro-life believe life begins at conception. Obviously these answers sparks debate between pro life and pro choice people and at times getting pretty ugly. Personally I think life does begin at conception and they shouldn’t be killed because of inconvenience. Now here’s where pro choice people go extreme.

As you see here, this is a 20 week old baby. This is a fully grown baby that can survive birth, and pro choice people are fine with killing this child. On Monday January 29th, the Senate voted to pass a bill that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks. The results were 51-46 so they failed to pass it which says a lot about our government.

The majority abortions obtained today are basically people using it as form of birth control, which doesn’t make any sense. Here’s a unpopular opinion: if you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex until you are married and are ready for a child. Either that or use protection. Using abortion as birth control is just plain wrong and a lot women who do it end up regretting their decision and become pro life. In fact if you look at the pro life marches, you see that a lot of them are women. So, to suggest that the abortion debate is men vs. women thing is just asinine.

In the end, neither side will convince each other of their views on this topic. My hope is that, Congress will eventually at least pass the ban on abortion after 20 weeks and maybe in the long term repeal roe v wade and leave it to States to decide their own laws on abortion.

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