Government shutsdown and democrats blame republicans. It’s quite the opposite

On Friday, after the Senate fails to pass a government funding bill, it essentially shuts down. What does this mean? Will America collapse? No, it won’t. With a government “shutdown” only about 8% of the actual government closes, leaving 92% open. So, people freaking out and saying this could be the end of the world, they are overreacting. After the shutdown, the media was quick to blame someone, and as you may have guessed they blame republicans. So, let me explain why republicans are not to blame, but in fact democrats are.

Most people who took some kind of government class in school, knows that in order for something to pass in the Senate they need 60 votes to do it. How many seats do republicans currently hold in the Senate? 51 seats. So, even if all republicans voted yes on this bill, they still need 5 more democratic votes to pass it. Here are the results from Friday’s vote in the Senate, Republicans: 45-5 Democrats: 5-44. So, the democrats saying it was republicans fault the government shutdown when they had plenty of votes to stop it, is completely asinine.

Now, let’s be honest hear, democrats wanted the government to shutdown. Why you ask? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. As we have seen, the economy under President Trump is doing fantastic and the left just can’t stand it. They were hoping that the economy was going to tank under Trump, and if it did, they had a clear shot for the presidency in 2020. Reality is, the economy is doing great and this along with the collapsing of the Russian investigation, is just driving democrats insane. This is why they wanted a government shutdown so they can blame Trump and use it as a tactic against republicans in the midterm elections this year. My hope is that this will backfire greatly.

Ultimately in the next couple days or so, the government will reopen and they will be at each other’s throats again. Soon after that they will continue to be incompetent in their jobs. Hopefully, they will reach an agreement on immigration, so this nonsense can stop.

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