Russia investigation collapsing and bringing democrats down with it.

By now, most Americans know about the Russian collusion story, if you don’t here is the basic breakdown. Basically, the democrats are accusing President Trump and his administration of colluding with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election in his favor. Now, all of this would be big news of course….. if there was actually evidence that proves that collusion happened. After over a year into this investigation, the FBI has found no evidence that suggests that Trump colluded with Russia to influence the election, none whats so ever.

How does this affect democrats? Well, as we’ve seen for over a year, they have been non stop pushing this story and often times going over the top with. Being that there is no evidence for it, non stop pushing this story is going to hurt democrats badly. They will lose their credibility very fast and soon they will no chance at winning in 2020, which I’m not complaining, the left needs to be exposed as the incompetent idiots they are, although not all of them are like that.

Also to add, it is becoming more and more clear this investigation is compromised. Anywhere from anti Trump text messages between investigators to getting insurance policies when Trump won. Now, there is nothing wrong with them having political views on certain things, it becomes a problem when they bring it into an investigation, because when they do this the investigation it self slows down and continues to drag and drag. I have mixed feelings about it though, on one hand I think the investigation should just be stopped, but I think the smartest move is to just let it continue on and basically die. This is what President Trump is doing I applaud him for that.

In the end, I think this investigation is actually going to be good for Trump in 2020, because the more credibility democrats lose the more republicans gain which will awsome for President Trump in the coming years. So, I hope y’all will enjoy this one. I know this one is a little rocky, but I do hope to get better. Alright, I’ll be back soon maybe tomorrow or Thursday, thanks guys, see y’all then.


  1. From the very beginning, this sham of an investigation has been nothing more than a relentless fishing expedition to discredit the president.


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